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        Innovation Platform

      Relying on the certified national enterprise technology center, on the basis of national demonstration enterprises in technology innovation and high-tech enterprises, we strengthened technical exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and established a innovation platform which technology center is considered as the core, postdoctoral programme, turbo-machinery engineering technology research center and sub-company technology center are considered as supports.


      A full-course design and development team with core technology

      Established a first-class technical teams for simulation calculation, design development, and process inspection, including system analysis, aerodynamic design and analysis, structural design, characteristics analysis of transmission system , strength and stiffness analysis, research on the advanced materials, applications of advanced manufacturing technology, and modern inspection technology etc. basic application research and capability of product design and development, truly master the core technology.


      Turbo-machinery Inspection and Test Center

      With a 4000 square meter turbo-machine inspection and test center, including fan and blower intelligent test stand certificated CNAS , the Turbine Engineering Center with German Schenck high-speed dynamic balance measuring equipment, the few compressor test stand in the southwest of China, and the centrifugal water chiller test stand (test cooling capacity:4000RT).


      Personnel of innovation teams

      Other employees

      Various scientific and technical personnel

      Graduate students

      Foreign experts

      State-council allowance obtained experts

      Doctor of engineering


      產學研合作 Industry-University-Institute Cooperation