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            Implementation confidential tasks by the law

            發布時間: 2016-11-11來源: 本站


            In September 29th, the company organized all the personnel involved in the dry, assistant and leading cadres above the total of more than 70 people in the hall to carry out a comprehensive promoting law secrecy, strict implementation of security responsibility "as the theme of the laws and regulations of special training. At the meeting, 60 staff classified staff and the company signed a "confidentiality undertaking".

            Party secretary, deputy general manager, deputy director of confidentiality Wang Yongxiang "confidentiality provisions" of national defense science and technology industry and other related content of the interpretation, and the requirements of leading cadres at all levels and classified personnel should strictly abide by laws and regulations, to fulfill security responsibilities and commitments, abide by the confidential duties, to ensure the security of state secrets.

            It is reported that the company since 2014, adhere to the annual security awareness month activities. The security publicity on the site to watch the movie, including confidential confidential, confidential quiz and other charts show a series of activities.