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      Re Through The Group Held A Positive Energy To Build A Re Pass Dream Speech Contest

      發布時間: 2016-11-11來源: 本站

      In September 7th, re - group in the office of the organization to carry out the transfer of positive energy to build a re - pass dream speech contest, to further promote the two school one to do the study and education. From the 11 branches of the 15 contestants gathered about me good". The leadership of the company, the branch secretary and staff representatives a total of more than 100 people watched the game.

      The speech contest scene, the contestants with the advanced experience and insights on the stories of the characters, their own dreams, start small, with a passionate speech interpretation of the outstanding staff post burst of positive energy, encouraging speech, cheer, cheer up. Game atmosphere warm applause. Finally, flying into the Party branch Wang Yaoyue won first prize; Fan Party branch Yuan Li, flying into the party Pan Xuemei, Party branch Liang Qiuyi won the two prize; the hospital Party branch Liu Yang, energy conservation and environmental protection branch Fu Jingyu, Party branch Zhang Dan third-prize.

      It is reported that the company adhere to the "write a story Essay every year to carry out" activities, the company aims to promote the good deeds, to further unite the people, inspire morale, dedication, and create a better tomorrow.