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      Re Through The Group Held The Three Meeting Of The Fourth Staff Representative

      發布時間: 2016-11-11來源: 本站


      In March 22nd, the fourth session of the group held three trade union members (workers) congress. The company official representatives, delegates, commended the advanced collective labor competition and outstanding individual a total of more than 110 people attended the meeting, the conference by the deputy secretary and Secretary of the Party committee, union president, chairman of the board of supervisors in the host xing.

      The meeting heard the chairman and general manager Liu Zhongtang entitled "ready to grab the opportunity based consolidation reformation steps to seize the new victory of 13th Five-Year" struggle "the administrative work report. Chairman Liu pointed out in the report: 2015, the company all the staff closely around the overall deployment of the new "1231" strategy, to grasp the market, promoting transformation, strong management, heavy performance "as the operating principle, strengthen the system construction, deepening reform and innovation, to promote business transformation and upgrading, overcome various difficulties and pressures the production and operation of the business performance once again achieve contrarian growth. In 2016, "13th Five-Year" plan at the beginning of the year, the company is under the new economic normal transformation and upgrading, improving quality and efficiency of the year. The face of opportunities and challenges, we should have a high sense of responsibility and mission, focus on the new "1231" strategic objectives, to improve the efficiency and enhance the core competitiveness for the purpose of gaining consolidation based grasping opportunities, reformation steps, the current one hand, one hand, together, bold breakthrough, efforts strive to 2016 to complete the business objectives! Strive to become a benchmark enterprise electromechanical group! Strive to win new victories in 13th Five-Year. "! The meeting also listened to the party secretary, deputy general manager of Wang Yongxiang, "the report on the work of education and training of staff and workers," Li Hua, chief financial officer of the "business entertainment expenses and staff welfare expenses report".

      In the subsequent discussion, Fellow Deputies with a high sense of ownership, strong sense of responsibility and conscientiously perform their duties, closely around the "administrative work report", "report on the work of the staff education and training, staff welfare and business entertainment expenses report", "special collective wage contract and the workers concerned problems are widely discussed and put forward opinions and suggestions. Company chairman and general manager Liu Zhongtang, party secretary, deputy general manager Wang Yongxiang, deputy general manager Zhao Lin and other leaders of employee representatives put forward opinions and suggestions were carried out on-site to answer, and instructed the departments will be implemented. The meeting also in 2015, a competition for two to three to ensure that the labor competition and improve the work outstanding achievements of the advanced collectives and individuals to be commended award.

      At the meeting, the chairman, general manager Liu Zhongtang and the union chairman Xing into representatives of enterprises and employees signed a "collective wage special collective contract".